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BADERs Cranberry plus Acerola
Rooibos tea with cranberry and acerola for the support of the immune function

PZN: 6919307

BADERs Cranberry plus Acerola is ideal for the support of a functioning immune defense.

Cranberries are an ancient home remedy of the North American Indians. Cranberries are considered a healthy, nutritious food.

The red power berries contain minerals, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Cranberries are in addition rich in secondary plant substances, which play in our body an important physiological role.

A healthy body function is supported with tried and tested products from nature such as rooibos tea, cranberry juice granules, peppermint, sage leaves and acerola extract.

Enjoy Cranberry plus Acerola from BADERs daily and combine support for your body with a particularly tasty tea drink. An enjoyable contribution for your wellbeing. We recommend 5 cups per day. Cranberry plus Acerola is also ideal as a delicious cold drink.

o Rooibos tea with Cranberries, Acerola and herbs
o Caffeine free
o Fruity taste with cherry aroma
o Manufactured in Germany under strict pharmaceutical controls (GMP)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 06919307

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