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Ralf BADERs Gesundheit

BADERs Apotheken-Tee Gedächtnis
Green tea with high doses of green tea extract (EPI-3) and gingko leaves for a strong memory

PZN: 1179490

BADERs Apotheken-Tee Gedächtnis is idael for times of high mental and emotional stress, helps boost other measures to increase cognitive processes and supports protection from free radicals.

Tired and strained brain cells often make life difficult for us with many small things. Here, forget a date, there a spontaneous thought is not present, or is the keys or glasses can not be found. Or you simply feel that you can not concentrate any more. This can happen to us all, whether old or young.

The performance of our brain is closely linked to our vitality. The nerve cells in the brain form our switching center. If these cells die, they are irretrievably lost.
Ginkgo protects the nerve cells of the brain from the attacks of harmful substances, the so-called free radicals.

The brain can only function smoothly if its cells are well protected. The polyphenol extractable from green tea called epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG for short, helps here. It can prevent or slow down the development of dementia causing formation of beta-amyloid plaque in the nerve cells.

o Green tea plus green tea extract (EPI-3),gingko leaves and herbs
o Peach flavoured
o Manufactured in Germany under strict pharmaceutical controls (GMP)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 01179490

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Ralf BADERs Gesundheit