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BADERs Apotheken-Tee Zahnfleisch
Green tea with selected herbs for gum care

Pharmaceutical registration number: 02647757

BADERs Apotheken-Tee Zahnfleisch is ideal for protecting and caring stressed gums and helps prevent irritaions in the oral cavity.

Tea is an ideal carrier of functional additives. When drinking, these are released continuously and unfold their beneficial effects directly in the oral cavity.

The regular enjoyment of green tea defies the gum. This has been demonstrated by Japanese researchers in a study with 1,000 volunteers. The researchers found the anticancer action of the green tea on its antioxidative catechins (so-called epigallocatechin-gallate-3), which can counteract deacidification reactions due to gum disease.

Selected herbs which care for and protect the gum like sage and lemon balm are paired with the antispetic properties of cinnamon and cloves.

Drinking the tea, a pleasantly balsamic effect develops first. The tea ingredients are distributed in the oral cavity like a protective film. The persistent contact of the tea is pleasant and supports the protection and care of the mouth and gums.

o Green tea (camellia sinensis) with green tea extract (EPI-3), sage, cinnamon, gloves
o Raspberry flavour
o Manufactured in Germany under strict pharmaceutical controls (GMP)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 02647757

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