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Cynarin Artischocke
Rooibos tea with fresh artichoke extract and artichoke leaves for easy digestion and more well-being

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Hectic, stress, heavy meals and little action often burden our digestion and the whole well-being. Here, recipes with artichokes can offer valuable service. Cynarin artichoke is a tea specialty with leaves and fresh plant extracts of artichokes.

The generally pleasant and digestive qualities of the artichoke are well known from long years of experience. These special qualities of the artichoke are primarily based on bitters which stimulate the gall and thus may promote digestion. Besides the leaves of the artichoke, Cynarin Artichoke contains the mere fresh plant of the artichoke.

Imbedded in the finest rooibos tea of South-African origine, this unique tea specialty with its fine vanilla flavouring is a wonderful pleasure for the palate.

o Rooibos tea with fresh artichoke extract and artichoke leaves
o Alkaline, helpful for neutralizing acid
o Caffeine free
o Delicious taste with vanilla aroma
o Manufactured in Germany under strict pharmaceutical controls (GMP)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 00034772

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