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BADERs TAI CHI Energie Tee
Organic green tea with ginseng and ginger for more energy

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TAI CHI Energie Tee is ideal for active people, in times of increased need of energy as well as for good companion of diets or just as a pleasure of drinking.

In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) , Chi stands for energy and vitality. Chi is the driving force for all processes in the body. The organism has sufficient energy and vitality - and thus enough Chi - only when the Chi is not blocked.
Besides green tea, ginseng and ginger are important plant substances of the TCM for the stimulation of the metabolism. Green tea is known as a true "fountain of youth". Ginseng stands for an integrated strengthening of the body own energy, ginger supports this and helps with harmonising. 

o Organic premium green tea (camellia sinensis) with ginseng, ginger
and lemongrass
o Unfermented
o Exotic and fresh flavour
o Manufactured in Germany under strict pharmaceutical controls (GMP)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 03250803

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