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Double distilled pharmaceutical quality, 100% pure Melaleuca alternifolia

30 ml (PZN 00237972)

This natural product has many different uses, making it a great addition to any home medicine cabinet, and a useful travel aid as well. Traditionally used and prized for skin care and for treating pimples, acne, warts, and foot fungus among other uses.

Pure essential oil from the Melaleuca alternifolia, the original Australian tea tree (100%). Double distilled for especially high purity and good skin compatibility

BADERs Gesundheit uses only fresh leaves and twigs of the Australian tea tree melaleuca alternifolia to produce our MA 100 tea tree oil. The outstanding care and protective properties of this species of Myrtle have been confirmed again and again in the literature. High quality protection: every batch of MA-100 tea tree oil is subject to the strictest monitoring in its country of origin, and to a comprehensive incoming goods inspection in Germany.

Essential oils are sensitive to heat and light. This is why BADERs MA 100 tea tree oil is offered exclusively in brown, light-blocking bottles and in opaque boxes.

o Pure essential oil from the Melaleuca alternifolia, the original
Australian tea tree (100%)
o Double distilled quality. Terpinen-4 oil content min. 39%, Eucalyptol
o Manufactured in Germany, in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing   Practices)
o Pharmaceutical registration number: 0237972

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